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What is Reiki Healing therapy you ask? Well, let’s journey along and discover what this centuries-old energy healing technique is, how to become a Reiki Master, and how a Reiki session works.


History of Reiki


      Dr. Mikao Usui, a Tenai Buddist monk, is credited as the Father of REIKI. Mikao UsuiUsui was on a 21 day fasting & meditation retreat on Mt. Kori-Yama.

On the last day of his retreat, Usui had a mystical experience and received the ability to do Reiki treatments, the Reiki symbols and the ability to pass Reiki onto others.

When Usui travelled down from the Mt, Kori-Yama, he hurt his toe and stopped and used Reiki on it and he observed the bleeding stopped and the pain diminished. He was also able to eat his first meal with out discomfort despite fasting for 21 days.


The system of healing that evolved from this is the Usui System of Natural Healing or Usui Shiki Ryoho.  

Reiki was further developed and expanded on by Dr, Mukao Usui, and Dr. Hayashi through a clinic in Japan that they opened and preformed Reiki from.

Madame Takata, who received Reiki energy healing treatments at this clinic for severe abdominal pain was so impressed by its healing that she  began training to become a Reiki Master. Madame Tamara, is credited with bringing Reiki to the western world.


Reiki (Re- universal, Ki- life energy)


This life energy can be referred to as Ki, Prana, Chi,  and Soul. There is only one Reiki and it belongs to all of us. It is not trademarked or patented, we are  born with  the power to heal ourselves and balance our body.  It is the energy within us that helps maintain balance.

Many disciplines have been delveloped to balance and enhance this flow of energy such as Meditation, Reiki, Yoga, Qigong, Tai-chi and Feng-Shui.


Remember when you were a child and hurt yourself, your mother’s  loving care and “kiss it better”soothed you. Your mother was sending healing energy to you instinctively. And now when you hurt yourself and put your hand on it to soothe, you are instinctively using healing energy.

 Reiki healing energy is very strong energy due to the training and attunements that a Reiki Master and student obtain.



How to become a Reiki Master


Buddhist proverb: “When a student is ready, the teacher appears is often true in the case of Reiki.” You may take the training in person or online with a Reiki Master. There are different types  of Reiki, depending on the Master who founded it and is doing the training.

Traditional Reiki  follows the lineage of the Usui System of Natural Healing and there is only one Reiki and it belongs to all of us,  It is best to stay with the same Master as you complete the training.


The training consists of three levels and what sets Reiki apart from other forms of “touch”therapy is the attunements.

Level 1 has four attunements given, Level 2 and 3 have one attunement given. The Reiki Master transmits amplified energy to the student which triggers a 21 day cleansing period as negative thoughts and blocks are released due to the amplified energy,

The attunement raises the vibratory energy of your chakras allowing you to be in tune with Reiki healing energy.  After the attunements these channels are open forever. Once attuned to Reiki, it will never leave you, even if you don’t actively practise it.


Level 1 


Level 1’s focus is on the physical health of the Reiki practitioner.  You  learn the Five Principles of Reiki  and apply them to your life, you also learn that Reiki energy flows thru you and does come from you. You will learn the Reiki symbols and how to do Reiki  healing on yourself and others.


During the attunement ceremony, your  Reiki Master performs a ceremony that includes the Reiki symbols. This ceremony is set for the highest good of you,the student, and is intended to strengthen the connection between you, the student and Reiki energy.

The attunement helps your body mind clear energy that is not in your highest good and become a clear channel to receive and perform Reiki.  You may feel energy flowing thru your body, tingling, heat or cold,  see images and have feelings rise up from you. You may even fall asleep or feel nothing at all.

You prepare for the attunement by mediating beforehand, abstaining from alcohol, and eating healthy 24 hours before your attunement. This allows any stored beliefs, memories or  patterns  that are not in your highest good to be released during your attunement.


It may take up to four weeks to adjust to the attunement as you may find shifts in your energy levels, dreams and experience minor detox systems or feel well as more energy is entering your aura and chakra.


Attunement  raises your vibratory levels, Level 2 is a tremendous leap in vibratory levels with at least 4 times higher than in  Level 1.


Level 2


Level 2’s focus is on learning ways you can use Reiki symbols, how to perform distance Reiki sessions, and learn about your Reiki  guide.

It is advised to wait at least 6 months or longer before you become attuned to a Reiki Master. 



Master Level


In the Reiki Master Level you learn how to perform Reiki attunements, master symbols and how to continue growing with Reiki. You may continue Reiki healing with starting your own healing business and/or become a teacher of Reiki for others. You may continue to learn how to perform Reiki on animals, plants and anything with life energy and more.

During the Master attunement, your third eye is greatly affected which can increase the intuitive abilities you posses.


A Reiki Healing Session


The Reiki session is performed using a massage table or sitting in a chair, it will depend on the preference of the Reiki practitioner. I am a Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master and I like to perform Reiki healing with a massage table in my Reiki room.

 Before your session, I ground myself, clear the room and myself of any unwanted negative energy.Reik healing session hand with energy flowing

  1. When you enter my Reiki room, I talk with you and ask if you have any issues you want worked on, explain the Reiki process , hand positions and  chakras and answer any questions you may have

  2. I ask you to remove any metal jewelry and your footwear and lay down on your back on the  massage table and get comfortable, covering you with a light blanket.

  3. Once you are comfortable, I ask you to take three  deep  slow breaths and to say out loud or in your mind what you want to release during my session.

  4. I connect to Reiki. You will feel my hands above your body as I scan for any energy blocks you have. My hands remain a few inches above your body and you will  feel strong energy radiating from them to you. It will feel like a warm, calming and soothing energy.  I work from your head down to your feet on each of your chakras and my hands are guided by Reiki which tells me where you need healing.To complete your healing session, I lightly hold your feet for a few minutes to ground you.

  5. I end the session with dry brushing the negative energy that you have released into the light. Dry brushing is my hands lightly sweeping away the negative energy slightly above your body.

  6. I wash my hands and return to you, asking you to sit up slowly and  give you a glass of water to drink that will help to wash away any toxins you have released.

  7. We will discuss anything that came up in your session.

  8. After your Reiki healing session, you should consume a lot of water during the day. This will help you to not feel exhausted or drained by the session and flush your body. After the session you will feel calm and lighter in spirit.

During the Reiki session you may experience emotions that you need to release, see visions in your mind or third eye and may move your body slightly as you release the negative energy that does not serve you.

Reiki does no harm and always works for your highest good and knows where to go. You will find the Reiki session very calming and peaceful. Reiki will continue to do its healing for next 24 hours.


As you release old undesirable feelings and thoughts, you begin to feel the attitude of gratitude flow thru your life which creates a greater level of abundance in all areas of your life.


I hope this post has given you a clear understanding of the training to become a Reiki healer and what a Reiki session is like. I encourage you to seek out a Reiki healer and have your own in person or distance healing and be amazed at what it can do for you.


Reiki healing is unique as it may be done by distance healing in the comfort of your home unlike other energy healing modalities such as Accupuncture that require you to attend in person. You must give permission to receive Reiki energy, and be open and receptive to its healing.


I hope that you have enjoyed this post and as we journey along this road, enjoy the journey! Feel free to comment and share any thoughts, questions or comments, I would love to help you. Visit often as I explore the many ways you can Heal Your Life.


Peace, Love and Joy,



Heal Your LIfe













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  1. I gather a concept Reiki is a Japanese form of alternative medicine to be transferred through the practitioner’s palms to the patient to encourage emotional or physical healing. I enjoy reviewing the history steps. I enjoy reading the article, I don’t participate in the practice, but I learned more about the topic during my lifetime. I have no other recommendations. I hope my feedback was helpful. Thank you

  2. My first thoughts on your website was it was well laid out and easy to read. The background colors are very calming and soothing and the font style made it easy to read and placed no strain on the eyes .I think the picture next to the heading ” a reiki healing session…” should be replaced because it is the same as was used at the start. Also when using pictures ,their size should be similar. If not it puts the whole page out of balance. ( I used to be a printer and did a lot of typesetting and artwork)

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  3. Thank you John,

    Yes Reiki is a form of alternate medicine and extremely helpful for everyone. Glad you enjoyed the article and thank you for your feedback.

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