How To Eat Right For Your Bloodtype-And Feel Healthier

How to Eat Right For Your Bloodtype Book Review


     With all the health food and diet books in the market, it is hard to find one that works for you.  Over the years I have tried all kinds of diets, lost weight, put it back on, especially after having children!  And when I did put weight on, it went to that Mommy tummy area!   I enjoy “How to Eat Right For Your Blood type” which is an awesome book by Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo and has made me feel better than ever!


      What a difference it has made in my life!


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Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type: What Type are You?


Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo is a second-generation Naturopathic Physician and author of “Eat right 4 your Blood type.”



In this book, Dr. D’Adamo explains the different blood types and what foods we absorb well, and how our bodies handle the stress that differs with each blood type.


Did you ever wonder why some people can eat the same thing, do the same exercises and still not feel healthy or lose that extra weight? In his book, he explains why and how each individual’s blood type plays a huge part in what foods you should eat to feel healthier along with the best type of exercise you should do.

Being a Type A blood type, I found that I should not eat whole milk, avoid just about all meats and convert to a vegetarian diet! But not completely, just the main focus of my diet.


Oh my, gone are the juicy steaks, barbecued hamburgers that I loved! No, not a Paleo diet, but his Type A diet has made me feel better than I have for a long time! I just have a different way of eating what is best for my blood type, I still enjoy seafood and chicken and have found delicious recipes in his book for Tofu!


Of course, Type O, B, and AB diets are as different as the blood types, and the foods that each can eat differ.  Type O, for instance, does well with red meat. Type B does chicken well, Type AB (rare blood type, 2-5% of the population) combines the Type A and Type B diet with special considerations with the foods recommended. I love that he explains completely and in an understandable way how to eat right for your blood type.


I found that eliminating the foods that my body doesn’t process for its higher-good has eliminated the bloating feeling and mucus buildup I had after eating certain foods, and I can eat Soy milk and cheese and lots of other foods, so all is not lost!


Just a different way of eating that has been astounding in how my body feels and even the excess weight falling off! In his book, he gives you guidelines as to what foods are best, what foods help with weight loss, and which you should avoid.



In Eat Right for Your Blood type, he also explains the best exercise for your blood type and gives you meal planning for each. supplements and vitamins are explained for each and include a 10-day blood type diet challenge. You can even evaluate the results.



What you will learn in Eat Right 4 Your Blood type


  • Which foods, spices, teas, and condiments help your blood type to maintain optimal health and weight.

  • Which supplements and vitamins to avoid or best for your blood type.

  • What medications function best with your blood type.

  • The best exercise for your blood type: walk, swim, play tennis, yoga, golf.

  • How stress affects you: your nervous system or muscles.

  • How knowing your blood type can help fight back against life-threatening diseases.

  • Whether meditation or aerobics is best for stress release for your blood type.

  • How to slow down the ageing process according to your blood type and factors that cause cell deterioration.

  • How to avoid many common infections and viruses by knowing your blood type.




Eat Right 4 Your Bloodtype Additional Books


Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo has provided readers with additional books to compliment his Eat Right 4 Your Blood type Diet Solution, Cookbooks for your blood type, and  Food, Beverage & Supplemental Lists.







As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases

If you would like to know more about Dr. Peter J. Adamo, you can visit him online at:



Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type: Changes in My Life



     The changes it made in my body are so fantastic, I did not have any food allergies or any discomfort with eating foods other than raw green peppers and of course, the usual dislike of some foods!  My mother always made me try everything, just a spoonful, try it, you don’t know you don’t like it unless you try it!


    Being a Reiki Master changed me, eating more of Mother Earth and Mother Nature’s food in a clean way of eating but this book, Eat Right Right for your Blood Type has really changed the way my body feels and I feel so much healthier. I do notice if I eat foods that my blood type says to avoid, I can feel the difference in my body.

       I do not need to take OTC or Doctor prescribed medicine for anything,  I live completely drug-free with no medications. I use herbs and essential oils as needed.  No colds or flu and my seasonal allergies are much better and barely bother me.  Not bad for a child of the ’60s!


                                          Joy! Joy! Joy!

 Imagine what it can do for you!

Please leave your comments or questions if you wish, I would love to hear from you.


Peace, Love, and Joy


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