How To Become a Reiki Master- Online Reiki Classes

How to become a Reiki Healer-Reiki courses online

How To Become A Reiki Master-Reiki Classes Online


Are you wondering how to become a Reiki Master?  Online Reiki Classes are one of the ways you can train and become a Reiki Master.  Reiki healing works in person and in a distant healing session and the attunements you receive can also be done this way. You can learn at your own pace and in the comfort of your home without worrying about Covid-19 protocols being out in public. The Reiki Master training is the same be it online or in-person with a Reiki Master that is practicing in your area.


Online Reiki Classes

” As an Ultimate Reki affiliate partner, I receive a commission if you invest in this program but at no extra cost to you.”

This a unique online, multimedia training package, that will train you as a Chikara-reiki-do Master, Usui Reiki Master And Tibetan Reiki Master. It a combination of Western Hayashi/Takata systems of Reiki. 

Husband and wife,  Judith & Chris Conroy are the founders of Chikara-Reiki-Do and are highly experienced, Reiki Masters.

“As an Animal Reiki Source affiliate partner, I receive a commission if you invest in this program but at no extra cost to you.”

Pure Reiki Healing is a program that you can do at home with the purchase of Owen Coleman’s program. He includes Reiki Manuals, CDs, and meditations with his package.

Owen Coleman established Pure Reiki Healing in 2010,

Thank he had suffered pain that was so debilitating, he could not work. His wife suggested he try Reiki healing and even though he was skeptical, he was cured of his pain after just one Reiki session. His journey with Reiki had begun and he wants to share it with the world as Mikao Usui wanted.

He is offering you a free gift if you click on this link Pure Reiki Healing 



“As a Reiki Awaking Academy affiliate partner I receive a commission if you invest in this program but at no extra cost to you.”


Alice Langholt, Ph.D., is a parent, author, and teacher with a Ph.D. in Metaphysical Parapsychology, and Master’s level training in several Reiki modalities. Reiki Awakening Academy School of Intuitive Development offers online programs in holistic and metaphysical studies.

Along with her Reiki training, she offers Intuitive counselling and training along with her original  Tapping cards.

Sign up for her free course “ Introduction to Practical Reiki


Here are the courses that she offers.

Discover Practical Reiki 

Practical Reiki™ is a strong, simple way to learn Reiki healing. Comprehensive, personal training. All Levels included through Master Level

Intuitive Counseling Certification

This course series will give you the specific tools and practices you need to offer Intuitive Counseling sessions to clients.

Personal Intuitive Mentor Session Package 3

A series of three personal sessions from Dr. Alice Langholt, personally by Zoom, at a 20% discount.

Personal Intuitive Mentoring Session with Dr. Alice Langholt

Get one on one support from Dr. Alice Langholt to help you move beyond your challenges and meet your goals.

Practical Reiki™ Instructor Training

You will learn important teaching techniques that will empower you to teach Practical Reiki clearly and confidently!

Rapidly Neutralize Stress & Anxiety Mini-Course

This mini-course will teach you 6 tips and techniques on how to rebalance quickly, and often to mitigate the ongoing effects of constantly being in anxiety or stress.

The Card Reader’s Companion

This new spread deck, written and published by Dr. Alice Langholt, is for anyone who uses cards to glean guidance for themselves or others!

The Tapping Cards

The Tapping Cards uses a simplified version of EFT, the Emotional Freedom Technique. It offers a quick, user-friendly, two-sentence method to immediately experience powerful results.


I highly recommend my Reiki Master, who started me on my journey,  Reiki Master Karen who is also a Medium.

Karen also offers Past life regression hypnotherapy sessions,  spirit sessions,  Akashic Record readings and healing, provides and teaches Reiki healing along with  Animal Reiki and Animal Reiki sessions for your pets. She also does Distant Reiki Healing sessions! Check out 

How to become a Reiki Master-Reiki master classes online

Take The First Step To Becoming A Reiki Master

I hope that you will find Joy in your journey to becoming a Reiki Master, one of the benefits of performing Reiki healing on a person is that you also receive Reiki healing while doing it.  There is so much to explore with Reiki and you will find the amazing things that Reiki can do in your life. You can take more training and do healing on animals, dogs, cats, horses and more. Being a Reiki Master brings so much joy in your life as it gets stronger as you practise its Reiki principles in your life.

I find that dogs that I meet, push their body’s into me, as they can feel the Reiki healing that I do. And my plants are thriving, they love Reiki too. So I encourage you to take the first step to become a Reiki Master.

I would love to hear your comments and answer any questions you may have, so leave a comment if you wish.

Peace and Joy,





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  1. I love your site on Reiki. There are so many choices. I noticed you have an online academy school that sounds interesting. I must send your link to my sister who is interested in Reiki.

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment, yes and online is great to learn also. I hope your sister starts her journey with Reiki and finds her Joy!

      Peace and Love

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