Healing stones: Crystals

healing stones

Healing Stones Crystals


    Healing stones which sometimes people refer to as Crystals have a unique vibration that can align, clean, unblock and activate your Chakra energy. Healing stones/crystals contain large quantities of Qi and healing waves, a unique form of energy that can be harnessed and directed into solids objects and bodies within its field.


     Because each healing stone/ crystal has its unique vibrational energy, your intuition can guide you to the crystal that is right for you at that specific time in your life. Do you remember when you were a child and loved picking up stones and how happy it made you? You were picking up the energy of the Earth and the energy of the stones was emanating to you. Healing stones or crystals can help heal your mentality, spiritually and bring your body back into balance.


Some of my favourite healing stones/crystals are:

healing stones

  • Rose Quartz is perfect for love and heart matters.

  • Citrine helps you manifest your dreams by channelling the positive vibrations of the sun.

  • Quartz is a master healer that purifies and amplifies energies.

  • Black Tourmaline is protective and repels negative energy.


Does your Healing Stone or Crystal Choose You?


     There are different ways to choose a healing stone or crystal,  you may like the colour or shape, you may pick stone or crystal bracelets or jewellery to match your outfit or it may be for the healing properties the crystal has.  The best way to pick your stone or crystal or rather the stone/crystal picks you is to clear your mind and let your intuition guide you.


     For example, I let my intuition guide me and I have found that I may walk into my favourite crystal store and I immediately feel strong energy pull coming off the crystals that are guided to me! I don’t even have to approach the crystal, the energy pull from it is so strong that I know it is calling out to me. As I stand in front of the display, the crystal will guide me directly to it. When I pick it up and put it in my hand, I feel a strong energy vibration emanating from it. Yes, that is how the crystals can pick you!

     Just clear your mind, set your intention to find the crystal that you need in your highest good at this time, and be amazed!

     Healing stones or crystals vibrational energy works in all types and shapes of crystals, whether it is a stone that sits on your table or a beaded bracelet or pendant that you wear. It may be a wand or ball that directs but does not amend the stone or crystal energy.

healing stones crystals


The easiest way to select your healing stone or crystal is to use your intuition. Look at crystals in a store, a book or online, and when it catches your eye, focus on it. Or if you are unused to using your intuition, you may use dowsing for the right crystal.


     To Finger dowse, loop the thumb and finger of your non-dominant hand together. Slip your other thumb and finger through the loop and close together, Ask your question. Pull steadily. If the loop breaks, the answer is no. If the loop holds, the answer is yes. Finger-dowsing quickly and easily establishes the right crystal for you.


Healing Stone or Crystal cleansing methods


    Healing Stones or crystals  soak up vibrations-negative or positive- by absorbing energy from the environment. Unless cleaned, a stone or crystal carries energy from everyone who has handled it or places where it spent time. Crystals require frequent cleaning and re-energizing. Knowing the properties of the crystal is important to know the best way to cleanse them.


   Water: Robust, insoluble crystals are cleansed by running underwater for a few moments and placing them in the sun or moonlight to recharge.

     Sound: A singing bowl, tuning fork or small cymbals transmute negative vibrations. Sound over the crystal, or place the crystal in the bowl and strike the bowl. Recharge the crystal in sunlight.

     Smudge: Smoke from a smudge stick or incense cleanses a crystal before charging in the sunlight.

     Light: Passing a crystal through light from a candle or visualizing it surrounded by light purifies it. Placing the crystal in sun or moonlight recharges it.

   Crystals: A large Quartz, Citrine, Chlorite Quartz or Carnelian cleanses and recharges a smaller crystal but needs cleansing afterwards. (Although Citrine and Kyanite are self-cleansing, they still benefit from regular cleansing.) Placing a small crystal on a larger version of itself recharges a crystal, restoring its energetic frequency.


Activating your healing stone or crystal

healing stones c

    A healing stone or crystal needs to be activated and programmed to begin working. Rub your hands briskly together to activate your palm chakras. Hold the crystal in your hands and wait a few moments to attune to it. Check out how you feel. A healing stone or crystal in harmony with your energy field feels peaceful and calm, or buzzing and busy. If a stone or crystal feels unpleasant, it may have triggered a release or may not be appropriate for you.


    Picture light surrounding the stone or crystal and formulate your intention. Be specific because the focused intention is part of the process, but don’t limit your intention. If using the stone or crystal for healing, say precisely for which condition and result you are seeking. Always add the statement: “This or something more for my highest good”. This opens the way for things to happen that you may not have envisioned.

    When you are totally in tune with the stone or crystal, say out loud: “I program (ask) this crystal for/to (state your purpose). “This or something greater for the highest good of all that come in contact with it.”

     If using the stone or crystal for protection, be less specific and say” protect me from anything negative that may harm me.

     Wear the stone or crystal, place it on your body, position it where you see it frequently or keep it in your pocket.


Maintaining your healing stones or crystals

healing stones crystals

     Treat your stones and crystals gently and lovingly. Keep stones and crystals out of sunlight as they may fade, depending on the stone or crystal’s properties. Layered or clustered crystals such as Halite are water-soluble and erode in a damp environment. Polished crystals are easily scratched but tumbled crystals are more robust. When not in use, wrap your stone or crystal in a velvet or silk scarf to protect the crystal against absorbing negative vibrations. Allow space for stones and crystals to function optimally by not clustering them together.


Healing properties of stones and crystals


   Quartz: generates, stores and radiates vibrant energy.

           Quartz purifies and amplifies energy, working in harmony with each individual using it. It doubles the biomagnetic field around the body and takes energy back to the most perfect state possible. It is a master healer, so you can use it for any conditon, although different colours and forms work better for specific concerns, according to their properties. Maintains all organs and systems of the body.


     Golden Healer Quartz: raises your vibration to an exceedingly high level, is a catalyst for profound spiritual activation.

     Golden Healer Quartz has a high ratio of Qi and healing waves that create multidimensional healing. Adrenals, lungs, sinuses, heart and muscular systems.


     Rose Quartz: promotes self love

     Rose quartz heals heartbreak and disappointment, it carries unconditional love and acceptance, bringing deep emotional healing and promoting the self love that is essential before love is accepted from others. Heart, higher heart, heart seed.


     Jasper: extremely stable and protective, grounding all areas of life.

     Jasper prevents burnout during prolonged illness or traumatic events. It facilitates ending situations that are not in your highest good with gentleness and grace, and protects your energies during tie-cutting. The brown and deep red varities are excellent grounding stones as they are strongly connected to Mother Earth. Circulatory, digestive and sexual organs.


    Tourmaline: pyschic shield, forms a protective shield around the body.

     Tourmaline cleasnes, purifies and transforms toxic energy into a higher vibration. It grounds spiritual energy,clears and balances the chakras, forming a protective shield around the body. It takes you deep into your Self, promoting self-confidence, diminishing fear and banishig victim mentality. It promotes inspiration, compassion, tolerance and prosperity. Spine, throat, brain hemispheres.


    Amethyst: Stills the mind and takes it to a mindful space.

     Amethyst is a excellent stress reliever, enhances memory and decision-making, and improves motivation. It relieves compulsions, obsessions, and neediness that underlie addictions. Dispels anger, fear, rage and anxiety and comforts grief. Protects against pyschic attacks, facilitates mediation and spiritual awareness. Intestine, all types of cells, hormonal and immune systems.


    Turquoise:protector, promotes spiritual attunement and facilates communication with angelic realms.

     Turquoise enhances intuition and mediation, is excellent for exhaustion, depression or panic attacks. Dissolves self self-sabotage, facilitates creative expression and stabilizes mood swings. Turquoise is anti-infalammatory, benfiting gout, rheumatism, cramps, arthritis and similar diseases. Throat, third eye.


    Moldavite: time traveller, extremely high vibration

     Moldavite fuses extraterresial energies with Mother Earth, taking you beyond your limits and bringing you into contact with your Higher Self and star beings. Integrates the divine blueprint and accelerates spiritual growth, downloads information from the Askasic Record into the lightbody. It takes you forward to see the results of actions taken in the present,or to learn what is needed now to create a positive future. Third eye, soma higher crown.



Crystals for Children


    Children are instantly drawn to crystals, loving their bright sparkly energies but are also drawn to rough pieces of rock like faceted gems, which are perfect for putting under pillows or in their pocket. Crystals for young children should be placed out of their reach and use tumbled not sharp crystals. Make sure they are large enough not to be swallowed and they should be placed on or around the child under constant supervision by an adult.


      Crystals can be very soothing to childhood, on a emotional level and for physical ailments. Crystals can gridded around a bed, placed in the bathwater or on the body.

    A crystal carried by a teenager in a pocket gives confidence, protection and heals underlying emotional issues.


    Rose quartz is an excellent healing crystal for newborn baby finding it difficult to adjust to life on this planet to teenagers experiencing hormonal and emotional issues with puberty especially those that have the urge to self harm themselves.


    Dalmatian Stone is excellent for connecting children to their physical body and the reason for incarnating. Grounds and centers the body, it awakens a sense of fun and a useful pick me up for depression or eneergy depletion. Physically, it supports athelets protecting against injury and also guards against nightmares keeping the monsters away. Dalmation stone attunes to the innocent child within everyone no matter what your age.


  Many childhood ailments can be helped with crystals including acne, colic, headaches, insomnia, nightmares, pain, ADHD, anorexia, bullying, self-confidence and more.



Crystals for your home


    The ancient Chinese art of Feng-Shui helps you to place crystals in your home for your highest good. Each area of your home governs a specific area of life. There is much to explore with Feng-Shui and you can use many different crystals to attract assistance to a particular area.

    Some crystals that you can use are:

    Abundance: Goldstone, Citrine

    Love: Rose Quartz

    Family: Spirit Quartz

    Children: Carnelian

    Career: Citrine

     Knowledge: Blue Lace Agate

healing stones crystals


Crystals heal your life and help you find your Joy


     These are just a few of the crystals that you can explore, I encourage you to reach out to them and experience the Joy that they can bring into your life. There are many ways to use them to heal once you set your intention. Wearing them, placing them in your home, car and office. Crystals offer so many types of healing from crystal essences and Shungite water, crystal grids and  layouts, carrying them in your pockets, placing them in your bath, under your pillow, and on your body. Explore this wonderful world of crystals and how it can help you find your Joy!


Love and Joy,












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