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Animal Reiki Healing



Do you find that your dog is having separation issues, maybe barking too much, or even is resistant to training? Or have any issues that drive you crazy benefit from Animal Reiki Healing.

Animal Reiki healing dog chakra


Or maybe, your cat is scratching everything in site but not the scratching post, or any other behavior benefit from Animal Reiki Healing.



Animal REiki healing

Horses that are afraid of horse trailers, have handling, training, physical, mental issues or any other kind of issues benefit from Animal Reiki Healing.

Any type of animals that is suffering from some trauma, anxiety, pain, nausea or other ailment, can be helped with Animal Reiki Healing.


Birds, fish, large animals, small animals, the list is endless. I encourage you to become a Animal Reiki Healer and see what Joy you can bring to all animals.

Animal Reiki healing

Animals are very receptive and sensitive to Animal Reiki healing and you can learn online how to perform it. You can perform Animal Reiki healing on all types and kinds of animals, do healing in rescues, shelters and for family pets. Animal shelters have lots of animals that wish to receive Reiki healing along with animals on farms, zoos and all over!


Explore the world of Animal Reiki healing if you own a pet or not! Being a Animal Reiki  healer brings lots of joy into your life and you will feel the unconditional love that animals share. Training for a Animal Reiki Healing is available online and I have included some links that I am sure you will enjoy! Check them out!





” As an Animal Reiki Source affiliate partner, I receive a commission if you invest in this program but at no extra cost to you.”


Kathleen Prasad is a leading educator of Animal Reiki, teaching energy healing for spiritually-minded animal people for over 22 years. Kathleen Prasad created the world’s first and only nonprofit dedicated to helping rescued animals with Reiki.


Kathleen teaches The Let Animals Lead® method of Reiki, guided by animals, it is  also a gentle road to help people live with increased peace, happiness and balance with all animals in the world.  


Animal Reiki Source Courses

” As an Animal Reiki Source affiliate partner, I receive a commission if you invest in this program but at no extra cost to you.”


Animal Reiki for:



” As a Rob Fellows Reiki affiliate partner, I receive a commission if you invest in this program but at no extra cost to you.”


Animal reiki healing


Rob Fellows is an International Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master Teacher and also a  UK REIKI FEDERATION MEMBER since 1999. He helps people to overcome health obstacles in their lives, their families and their pets and how instead of suffering they can benefit from gentle healing or easily learn to do the healing themselves. Along with Reiki sessions, he provides online courses in Animal Reiki healing. He also has a Reiki Animal Dog Groomer course for all you dog groomers!


Rob Fellows Reiki Courses


animal reiki healing

Animal Reiki Healing








Rob Fellows Reiki has free downloadable manuals available to keep your pets happy! Check them out!


Animal Reiki Healing

Check out his Reiki training course for yourself!


Animal Reiki Healing is so wonderful to share with all animals that open your heart and theirs! I hope you enjoy reading about the transformation in my own cat with Reiki healing that really shows you how receptive animals are and how Reiki healing works!



Animal Reiki Healing Helps a Feral Cat.      

I adopted a 4-year-old, female, short hair cat from a cat rescue that they had determined was feral.

A feral cat is a cat who has either never had any contact with humans or her contact with humans has diminished over time. A feral cat is not likely to ever become a lap cat or enjoy living indoors.

“Tippy” Nyx’s  Story

I was drawn to adopt a rescue cat and discovered “Tippy” on a cat rescue website, she was a 4 yr old female black short hair cat who had her ear tip cut off due to the cat rescue policy for feral cats. She was small for her age, had no health problems except that they stated she was Feral. As I looked at her picture, I was immediately drawn to her, and heard, “She is the one” from my guides.

I inquired about adopting her and was told she had just been neutered and not available for a few more days. I immediately applied to adopt her!

When I first met  “Tippy” at the cat rescue, she cowered in the corner and would not approach me, she was terrified and her hair was up all over her body. She never did approach me, but my decision was made as she communicated to me that she wanted to come with me and heal her trauma.

Even though she wanted to come, it took a blanket dropped over her before we could even get her in cat carrier!

At home, it took three days before “Tippy” would venture out from behind my couch,  I would send her distant Reiki healing twice a day, as she wanted. She began to venture out where I was, keeping a distance and look of pleading and fear in her eyes, but would scamper back to the safety behind the couch.

Tippy also let me know she didn’t like the name, so I asked her what she wanted to be called and she said “Nyx”.  Yes, with Reiki, you can also develop the ability to talk to animals!

Successive distant Reiki healing sessions continued until Nyx was calm enough for me to be in the same room. Reiki’s healing continued and she gradually has become a changed cat. Over the space of two months, as the Reiki healing worked on her, she began to let me hand feed her treats, and would let me pet her. Wow!

Nyx loves to have daily Reiki sessions and my Reiki hands on her, she actually melts right into the floor when I perform treatments on her! It was amazing when she first let me brush her beautiful black hair!

Nyx is coming out of her “feral” shell. Nyx is still a little afraid of new people and cautiously opens up to them, a  lot better than when she would dash from the room and hide!

With love and continuing Reiki treatments, Nyx is opening up more and more and becoming less feral.


Animal Reiki Healing is Amazing! 


Isn’t Reiki Amazing! Animals are very receptive and open to receiving Reiki, seeing it work, explodes your heart with Joy.  Reiki can be used for all types of animal issues, including behaviour, mental, or physical issues.

Imagine what it can do when it changes a feral cat into a house cat!

Now, don’t you want to bring that Joy into an animal’s life!

I hope you step out onto the road of Animal Reiki Healing!

Feel free to leave your comment or questions, I would love to help you on your journey.

With love and peace,










6 thoughts on “Animal Reiki Healing – Online Courses

  1. Wow, this is an amazing subject and I completely love it. I have never heard ab the reiki for animals, and as an animal lover, I purely love, very much. Thank you for this knowledge.

    1. Hi,
      Thank you! Reiki healing can be used on everything that has energy! You can check out the other posts about Reiki to learn more about it!

  2. This is an absolutely fabulous article. Thank you for sharing this information on how amazing reiki is and how helpful it can be for not only us but for our animal companions as well. I love that you included the diagrams for where the chakras are located on horses, cats, and dogs. I actually like to do reiki on my cats, although they never want to hold still for very long, I do think it helps them relax and calm down. Do you have any free resources or courses you recommend for someone looking to expand their reiki knowledge or ever for becoming a certified practitioner?

    1. Thank you, Rachel, as far as I know, there are not any free courses but if you look at the post

      How To Become a Reiki Master- Online Reiki Classes – (

       you can find some links to becoming certified!.   I will be doing more posts for books that I have found helpful in my journey to become a Reiki Master and that will expand your knowledge. Am going to expand on Reiki and delve into physic development and more. So check back often! 

      As for your cats, that is wonderful you do Reiki on them, I find that cats and dogs will hold still for as long as they want the Reiki healing and move away.  That is what my cat does!  But then she sometimes moves back for more.   My cat loves my Reiki hands, which she feels even when I just pet her as I am sure your lovely cats do too!

      Peace and love, 


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